Joe Sullivan graduated from John Carroll University in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.

He then became one of the top-ranked 198-pound lifters with a 1725-pound total in sleeves.

Currently ranked #6 All-Time in the 220 Class

#15 All-Time in the 242 class

#3 All-Time in the Squat (220 class)










Joe is a Sponsored Athlete and Certified Coach through Kabuki Strength and EliteFTS.


Looking to get back into powerlifting at 42 after years off, wanting to compete raw after only competing in single/multiply, and trying online coaches that were inconsistent and challenging to communicate with, I signed up with Joe. Almost a year ago now, we've successfully competed in two meets, added 70 lbs to my first meet total, and looking to up that significantly in 2020.  Joe is a fountain of knowledge and his coaching has exceeded my expectations across the board., He's accessible and available, takes feedback into consideration and makes adjustments when needed, and provides honest feedback.  The longer we work together the better he knows me as an athlete and the better I know him as a coach, making us even more successful.

-Matt Dierolf

Although I have not been working with Joe for a long time, I have been powerlifting for 5 years and have met a lot of people in the community. What made me decide to work with Joe, was his willingness to help. His knowledge base is insane and he is willing to coach and share- even when you aren’t his client. He does more than put a bandaid on a problem, he works with you to understand it and works to help you fix it. So far, Joes been the best coach I’ve ever had and I’m looking forward to the progress we will make together!

-Michelle Forlenza

I have been working with Joe for just shy of 2 years now. Joe has helped turn me in to a guy who wanted to get started in powerlifting to a guy with 3 meets under his belt adding just under 200lbs to my total in that time. 

In a world where online coaching/programming is saturated with those trying to make a quick buck off of basic knowledge, Joe stands out. He’s one of the only people I’ve seen that is genuinely more excited about one of his athletes breaking a personal record than the athlete themself.

Joe is a master of his craft with the mind of an architect constantly engineering how HE can become better to help OTHERS become better.

-Sam Dollahite

Working with Joe Sullivan has been an amazing endeavor. He's taught me how to be more proficient, technical and progress without injuring myself. In two years I've gone from a 405, 630, and 750 (bench, squat, pull) to being right under 440, 700, and 800+. He's been instrumental in changing the very way I've approached training, and pushes me without breaking me while constantly refining technique.

I highly recommend Joe if you want a coach who will teach you how to be a more focused, well rounded and help you progress injury free.

-Houston Woods

I have worked with Joe for few months. My previous coach had worked with me in person and was highly credentialed as well as being a client of one of the most well-known coaches in the industry. Joe has just as much knowledge about exercise form, but what sets him apart is the personal attention. He doesn't just write a block and review a limited number of videos once a week; he is responsive, open to client input, and explains why he does things rather than saying "Do as I say." He also has a keen eye for small details and can identify form issues from video better than my former coach who was one of the foremost experts at correcting form in person. Joe cares about his clients and is passionate about coaching rather than just trying to make a living.

- Ian Matthews

I’ve been working with Joe for close to two years now. In that time frame I have gained approximately thirty pounds and competed four times. Between the first meet to my most recent Joe helped me put 187lbs on my total. In my experience, Joe has been nothing but professional. He is quick to respond when you have questions and can explain the science of what he is having you do in layman's terms. My experience with him has been entirely positive and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a coach, regardless of training age, total, or proficiency in the squat, bench, and deadlift.

-Ben Mueller

I haven’t been working with Joe for very long, but in the short amount of time that I’ve been coached by him I have seen significant progress. Every week Joe manages to push me to a point where I don’t know if I am going to be able to complete the lifts he has me perform. But every week the weight increases and I feel stronger than before. Joe knows how to push you past your limits without over-training you.

-Blake Otto


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